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Welcome Lovelies

∞ Hey there, I'm Ambre

♡ My ask is always open ♡

Blog may be triggering

I promote recovery

"Sometimes before it gets better The darkness gets bigger"

"Anchor yourself to something you love to steer yourself in the right direction."
~Ambre K. (me)


15 / 3rd degree black belt / fencer/ dancer/ writer / blogger / straight a honors student /

I have not cut since June 24, 2013
I'm sad, not suicidal
I have recovered
Recovery was worth it

/ I maintain this blog in order to make sure others know that they are not alone. /


My parent’s don’t exactly mistreat me. Instead, they shame me for existing.


There's a girl... inspired by Avril LavigneThe Vampire Diaries source (Don't remove cred!
Anonymous asked:
so last week me and my friend weren't that sober and we started talking about our problems. she said "next time i go to psychiatrist you're going with me". at first i was like "nooo" but then i said yes. idk if i'm ready for it or not but i feel it's an opportunity i can't deny. But today I watched a movie with my family and there was an sh scene. My sister was like “ugh she cuts”, and my mom asked me later why did the woman cut. They’ll judge me. Maybe i won't go, I don't want them to find out

I responded with:

It is truly up to you.  I mean you have weighed the pros and cons.  Sometimes it is est to get help in severe situations; despite your family’s judgement.  Usually, parents don’t understand and they just want the best for their children.  On the other hand, you may continue to suffer, to continue sinking further into this hole of self-harm.  It is truly up to you.

Anonymous asked:
i need someone to talk to :s is it okay if i choose you

I responded with:

Of course <3

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