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Welcome Lovelies

∞ Hey there, I'm Amber

♡ My ask is always open ♡

recovered | tw

I promote recovery

Back-up blog is

"Sometimes before it gets better The darkness gets bigger"

"Anchor yourself to something you love to steer yourself in the right direction."
~Ambre K. (me)


16 / 3rd degree black belt / fencer/ dancer/ writer / blogger / straight a honors student /

I have not cut since June 24, 2013
no longer depressed
I have recovered
Recovery was worth it

/ I maintain this blog in order to make sure others know that they are not alone. /


"I don't want to live this destiny,it goes on endlessly."This Love This Hate by Hollywood UndeadGif & Video Footage by:A.K. from darkness-consumed-me.tumblr.com 415 notes
tagged as: hollywood undead. this love this hate. black and white. depression. depressed. black and white gif. gif. my gif. lyrics. rock. metal. alternative. hu. suicidal. bullet. comin in hot.

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