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Welcome Lovelies

∞ Hey there, I'm Amber

♡ My ask is always open ♡

recovered | tw

I promote recovery

Back-up blog is

"Sometimes before it gets better The darkness gets bigger"

"Anchor yourself to something you love to steer yourself in the right direction."
~Ambre K. (me)


16 / 3rd degree black belt / fencer/ dancer/ writer / blogger / straight a honors student /

I have not cut since June 24, 2013
no longer depressed
I have recovered
Recovery was worth it

/ I maintain this blog in order to make sure others know that they are not alone. /


When life takes a jab at you, you stab right backVideo footage of me fencing, (I'm the one who is jumping to reach the guy who is at least 6'4)This is me so please don't remove credGif source 269 notes
tagged as: fencing. me. recover. recovery. positive. black and white. gif. my gif 2. fence. epee. stab. foil. self harm. bad day. worthless.

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    What shoes are those Those aren’t fencing shoes My inner Russian man is crying
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    You can really feel the energy in this one. Fun!
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